Before the FAQ, we’d like to remind applicants that they can refer to our Application & Program Guidance (APG) for answers to many questions you may have. The APG is published annually, and we highly recommend that all applicants familiarize themselves with all of the terms, conditions, benefits, and obligations that are a part of accepting the scholarship program.

Q: I am going to cosmotology school. Do I qualify for funding?
A: Unfortunately, not at this time. The disciplines we can provide funding for are Federally-mandated. A complete list of eligible disciplines can be found here.

Q: How much will my stipend be?
A: NHHSP Scholars are paid a monthly stipend while they are in school.  The amount varies between cohort years due to Federal mandate, but generally the amounts do not vary by much.  The 2011 cohort year recieved $1289 a month.

Q: I have a wife, three kids, and my mother in law living with me on Maui. Can I fulfill my service obligation there after I graduate?
A: By agreeing to receive funding from our program, all of our scholars are signing a binding contract with the Federal government. By signing this contract, scholars are agreeing to be willing and available to relocate anywhere they are needed in the State of Hawai`i. The Native Hawaiian Health Scholarship Program is mandated to place scholars first at one of the 5 Native Hawaiian Healthcare systems, so placement in a particular area is not guaranteed. We highly recommend that potential scholars discuss the service obligation with their families, friends, and significant others, as this is a serious commitment.

Q: Do I have to reapply for this scholarship annually?
A: No. If you are awarded the scholarship, you will be funded for the duration of your remaining academic career, based on the standard amount of time your school gives you to graduate with your degree while maintaining a full-time class schedule.

Q: I live in West Virginia, and I am attending Nursing School in Delaware. I am Native Hawaiian. Do I qualify for this scholarship?

A: As long as you’re full-time, pursuing an eligible profession and/or specialty, enrolled in an accredited school, Native Hawaiian, and willing to relocate to Hawai`i to complete your service obligation after you graduate/become licensed, then yes, you qualify.

Q: How many people receive this scholarship every year?
A: That number varies from year to year. We have a fixed amount of money to award, and because tuition costs vary from school to school and discipline to discipline, the number of scholarship recipients varies from year to year. For the year 2010-2011, HRSA funded 11 scholars. In 2011-2012, six scholars were awarded.

Q: How do you pick your scholars?
A: We are a merit-based scholarship. Our selection is based on their academic accomplishment, interview rating, and a needs assessment.  Based on the needs of the Native Hawaiian healthcare systems, we select the most qualified scholars who are pursuing professions that are most needed.

Q: What does your scholarship offer?
A: HRSA provides full funding for your tuition, a monthly stipend for living expenses, and allocations for Other Related school Cost (ORC) that are identified and qualified by your educational program and institution. Typically, the ORC includes the cost of books, health insurance, lab materials, etc. In addition to the financial support via HRSA, our NHHSP office provides scholars with access to our library of Native Hawaiian healthcare-related books. We host seminars regarding Native Hawaiian healthcare issues with guest speakers from the Native Hawaiian healthcare community.  Subject to the availability of funds, NHHSP has in the past hosted a ”Scholar Huaka`i where our scholars visit and become familiar with the primary healthcare facilities and staff  (e.g., The Native Hawaiian Health Care System facilities) where they may be placed (following the completion of their educational program, degree and required licensing)  to fulfill their service obligation to the program. We have also organized and funded scholars to attend important health-related conferences and conventions.

If you have any questions that haven’t been addressed here, please feel free to contact us!

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