George Washington U.’s Native American Political Leadership Program

As per the NAPLP web page:

The NAPLP is a FULL SCHOLARSHIP program designed to give Native American undergraduates an incredible educational opportunity in the nation’s capital. Partnering with Semester In Washington Politics, NAPLP students take classes at GW, participate in hands-on internships and interact with political leaders and policymakers. NAPLP includes a series of seminars devoted to public policy issues affecting Native American communities (American Indian, Alaska Native and Native Hawaiian). It plays a key role in preparing the next generation of Native American political leaders.  NAPLP is funded by a generous grant from the AT&T Foundation.

NAPLP offers an invaluable up-close view of Washington, D.C. Students learn how political decisions are made, how power is wielded and how government is run – because they are right in the center of the process. NAPLP is a guided, hands-on tour of the workings of theU.S.government,  immersing students in the processes that define our political system.

Learn the components of political campaigning, from message development and media production to voter targeting, direct mail and fundraising. See what lobbyists do and how issues like gun control, international relations and campaign finance reform are managed. Plan an election campaign and develop a lobbying strategy with realWashingtonpolitical professionals.

After NAPLP, students return to their home campuses knowing what it takes to win elections, pass legislation and influence public opinion. More importantly, they know what professional options are available as a congressional staffer, campaign manager, press secretary, lobbyist, pollster, media producer, journalist or fundraiser. They are betterinformed about how politics works and more aware of how they fit into that process.

NAPLP offers students a chance to learn about politics,Washingtonand themselves. Join NAPLP for the experience of a lifetime!

Spring 2013 Program Dates: January 14, 2013- April 26, 2013

Application Deadline: November 1, 2012

Summer 2013 Program Dates: June 3, 2013- July 26, 2013

Application Deadline: March 1, 2013

Early application is recommended for priority housing and internship placement.

For more information or to submit an application, please visit


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